Rental Rights

Aussie renters get a raw deal

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Renters Rights

Lots of Australians are worried about the housing market.

Everyday we hear the stories of renters, as well as home owners, as part of national debates about housing affordability in Australia.

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Whether you rent or own a property, the state of the rental market can affect us all, as friends, family or other loved ones struggle to find stable and safe housing.

CHOICE has worked with community organisations National Shelter and the National Association of Tenants’ Organisations to release new research today that shows what life is like for Australian renters. Here’s a snap shot of what we’ve found:

  • 21% of renters had to wait over a week just to get a response from an agent or landlord about an urgent repair.
  • 14% of renters haven’t requested a repair or made a complaint because they’re worried about adverse consequences.
  • A lot of renters are stuck in unsafe or unhealthy homes – 24% have doors or windows that won’t close properly, 21% have experienced leaks or flooding, 20% have had mould that they can’t easily remove or that reappears.

We think it’s time that politicians from all parties focus on the quality and security of housing in Australia, as well as affordability. Can you help us tell the real story of renting in Australia to help politicians understand why this is so important?

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Renters Report

The rental market in Australia appears to have become something like a war zone.

According to a new national study co-authored by CHOICE, thousands of tenants are being discriminated against and live in a climate of fear.

The research, undertaken by CHOICE, the National Association of Tenants’ Organisations and National Shelter, found that 83% of renters in Australia have no fixed-term lease or are on a lease less than 12 months long, and 62% feel they’re not in a position to ask for longer term rental security.