Choice – Measurement Marks Campaign

Tell the government to protect us from supermarket rip-offs!

Right now product labels have to show weight on the front of a pack. This forces businesses to be honest about what you’re really paying for and how much in the pack is just air. But, the Australian Government wants to give businesses the ‘flexibility’ to change labels so they could remove weight labelling from the front of pack to wherever they want.

Don’t want to spend your supermarket shop turning over every packet to find out how much is inside? You shouldn’t have to. The Department of Industry is reviewing labelling requirements. They think that consumers show “little passion” about this labelling issue. We need to prove them wrong. Sign the petition to save information that helps you know what you’re paying for!

Wall of Shame - a history of shrinkflation


Arnott’s reduces the size of Tiny Teddy multipacks from 10 packs to 8. Price remains the same.

Arnott’s reduces the size of Shapes multipacks from 10 packs to 8. Price remains the same.

Streets reduces the size of their Classic, Almond, White, Peppermint and Honeycomb Crunch Magnums from 117ml to 107ml. Price remains the same.


Kelloggs reduces the tube and chip size of Pringles which reduce from 150g to 134g.  While priced decreased 10c, shrinkage resulted in 9.3% price increase.


Cadbury reduces the size of its iconic Freddo Frog from 15g to 12g. Price remains the same.

Cadbury reduces its family chocolate block from 220g to 200g after reducing it from 250g to 200g in 2009 and then bumping it back to 220g in 2013.

Smith’s reduces its crinkle cut potato chips from 175g to 170g per pack. Price remains the same.


Tim Tam releases new lines of flavored Tim Tams which look and cost the same as original Tim Tams but only contain 9 Tim Tams, 2 biscuits and 35g less than a regular packet.