Bad Egg Boycott

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Australians told us that 10,000 hens per hectare is not what they picture when they pay extra for free-range eggs.

If you pay extra for free-range eggs, you deserve the real deal.

But there are plenty of “free range” eggs on supermarket shelves that come from chickens kept in cramped conditions that are not guaranteed to go outside.

Eggs that come from chickens that don’t go outside regularly or have high stocking densities don’t deserve the free-range label.

Send a message to the egg industry and government regulators: we won’t stand for sub-standard free-range. Add your name and  boycott these eggs. 

Look out for Aldi, coles, eco-eggs, family value, farm pride, field fresh, manning valley, pace farm, pirovic, veggs for family, and woolworths brand free-range eggs.

How do I know which eggs to choose?

CluckAR is the revolutionary little tool that makes it easy to choose free range eggs that meet your standards.

You can simply point your smartphone camera at a carton in the supermarket, and get a clear picture of which brands are selling eggs from the most chilled-out, happy hens.

When you join the campaign, we’ll send a link straight to the handy CluckAR app. You’ll never have buy bad eggs again.

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Use our CluckAR app to find our which eggs meet your free range standards