Bad Egg Boycott

Brown chicken in a grassy field

Australians told us that 10,000 hens per hectare is not what they picture when they pay extra for free-range eggs.

If you shell out for free-range eggs, you deserve the real deal.

Right now there are plenty of “free-range” eggs on supermarket shelves that come from chickens kept in cramped conditions that are not guaranteed to go outside.

Send a message to the egg industry and government regulators: we won’t stand for sub-standard free-range. 

How do I know which eggs to choose?

CluckAR is the revolutionary little tool that makes it easy to choose free-range eggs that meet your standards.

You can simply point your smartphone camera at a carton in the supermarket and get a clear picture of which brands are selling eggs from the most chilled-out, happy hens.

Don’t use a smartphone? See our free-range eggs buying guide to find good eggs near you.